About LMP

Leap Media Partners enables existing print media companies to gain competitive advantage, growth acceleration and value creation in the rapidly evolving media landscape. LMP brings the skills, technology and experience required to drive strategic transformation to client companies that are not otherwise resourced to do so.

Our approach integrates innovative digital and database technology, process reengineering and shared resource management to grow and engage audiences, create new revenue opportunities and improve operational performance.

We are not for everyone. In fact, we’ve built this company specifically to serve the underserved – the independent and community newsmedia companies that are traditionally unable to leverage massive investments in technology, process redesign and digital expertise across multiple affiliated companies. Consequently, such companies are often handicapped by an inability to acquire or effectively deploy the technology and expertise that will drive improvements in operational performance and profitability.

That’s changed.

At LMP, we’ve introduced the concept of Shared Resource Management to independent and community publishers. We believe this is a major development in tilting the competitive balance to local media companies that are intimate with their communities – and can now further benefit from that intimacy by delivering greater relevance, convenience and value through multiple online and offline platforms.

In fact, we’re so bullish on community publishers that we bought one – The Aurora (CO) Sentinel. LMP is not just a vendor – we’re owners, just like many who stand to benefit from our experience and network of best in class shared services partners.