August 25-27, 2013 – The Sonnenalp Resort of Vail (CO)

The 21st edition of The ROUNDTABLE is presented by Leap Media Solutions in partnership with Mather Economics, Digital Technology International and FTI Consulting.


For 20 years, The Roundtable has remained the most unique and most valuable event of its kind. It is not just about forward thinking, but thinking forward. It is about building a road map to prosperity in an environment of constant change and challenge.

Let’s start with what The ROUNDTABLE is not.

This is not another conference about being “digital first.” We all know by now that a multi-platform environment is our future. As to what extent that environment includes a print component – and for how long – is subject to debate. So that’s what we’ll do.

In fact, The ROUNDTABLE is not a “conference” at all. It’s more of a conversation. You won’t find “suits” standing at a podium telling 300 subjects what they need to do next. Instead, “faculty” members will share what they did and why they did it – and then facilitate a discussion about whether it is right for you. No suits – more like shorts and flip-flops.

As always, The ROUNDTABLE will be limited to 65 participants. For these past two decades, we have proved that intimacy breeds interaction. When you depart Vail, you will do so empowered by knowledge, unbridled enthusisam and a peer group without peers.

Please read on and learn why The ROUNDTABLE is the most provocative event you will ever attend.


In 1993, ASTECH InterMedia hosted the inaugural ROUNDTABLE in Snowmass, Colorado. A gathering of 45 newspaper professionals discussed and debated the opportunities surrounding database marketing. The ROUNDTABLE was moderated by Tom Ratkovich, ASTECH founder and president.

The ROUNDTABLE quickly came to be known as the premier event for strategic thinking in a practical environment, driving change by not just sharing best practices but providing a road map for implementation and success. The ROUNDTABLE was the “anti-conference” – intimate, casual and eclectic – with an emphasis on interaction and exchange. The participants were diverse not only geographically, but functionally. The ROUNDTABLE attracted senior executives, marketing analysts, COO’s, IT directors, circulation and advertising managers from around the world, all sharing their unique perspective on how to ensure viability and prosperity in a challenging media landscape.

In 1999, The ROUNDTABLE migrated to its current venue at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail. The change of venue brought with it a change of focus as The ROUNDTABLE became a nexus for the debate and discussion of newsmedia transformation in a digital age. Today, as the 21st edition of The ROUNDTABLE approaches, the event maintains its status as the most heralded of its kind.


The ROUNDTABLE uniquely combines case studies, education, experience and research in tackling a diverse range of issues related to the newspaper business model and industry transformation. This event puts an unparalleled emphasis on interaction. Unlike the traditional conference (which usually is not a “conference” at all), The ROUNDTABLE is a series of discussions led by faculty members that have “been there, done that.” They will share their business challenges, their approaches to resolving those challenges, and the results they have achieved – followed by a conversation about whether or not it makes business sense for the rest of the folks in the room.

Come back frequently as the agenda for The ROUNDTABLE 2013 takes shape.


There are no “speakers” at The ROUNDTABLE.

Instead, faculty members share relevant ideas, processes and experiences – and then lead a discussion on how extensible those concepts are to you and your peers. And just for good measure, you’ll share food and drink with those faculty members as well so you can always pester them one-on-one for more details.


Nestled in the heart of Vail Village approximately 100 miles west of Denver, the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail welcomes visitors with the charm and intimacy of a fine European hotel. Framed by spectacular 14,000-foot peaks, the Sonnenalp offers world-class services and accommodations. The resort features two restaurants, lounge, full-service European spa, live entertainment, elegant conference facilities and complimentary valet parking. The Sonnenalp also boasts its own golf course, the Sonnenalp Golf Club, which has recently served as the host site for the Colorado Open.


“Great – thought provoking, strategic with a little tactical thrown in!”

“Once again the presentations of faculty exhibited outstanding depth of knowledge and subject matter expertise.”

“Excellent content!  Great venue!  Lots of great sessions combined with the opportunity to meet others.  One of the best conference that I attend.”

“Just amazing!  Great couple of days – thank you again so much.”

“Really appreciated the tone of this year’s conference.  Despite the reality of today’s economy – I leave here feeling motivated and rejuvenated to grow ROI!  Can’t wait to come back again next year!”

“Outstanding conference.  Perfect blend of sessions vs. networking activities.  Enjoyed the smaller, intimate setting.”

“Easily the most useful and unique conference I have attended – superbly organized and genuinely different in atmosphere.  Hope to be back here in Vail next year!”

“The Vail venue is perfect!  It allows for a great environment, away from regular daily activities and big city distractions.  Great place….great conference.”

“Always useful, always valuable.  Probably the most valuable conference of the year.”


The tuition of $1,795 includes:

Preconference seminar • Roundtable sessions • Welcome reception • Breakfasts and lunches • The ROUNDTABLE Dinner

Questions? Send a note to or call 303.886.0202.

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